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Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.

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Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.

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Philip Trower

Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.

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Visitors to both my websites should make a point of reading the two books I have now made available. Turmoil and Truth and the sequal, The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith. These books give a very clear and accessible account of the various "streams of thought" operating both within and without the Catholic Church. It is sad that both of these books are now out of print.

New book on this website!

Mark Alder

Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.

How Fr. Spitzer wants to make Catholicism credible for doubting Millennials

Mark Alder has done a marvelous service to Catholics and serious Christians with his unique website It provides a veritable library of excellent resources in apologetics, theology, philosophy and literary criticism. Perusing it is a delight and I say this not primarily because he has graciously provided me a webpage. Indeed I am honored to find myself in such distinguished company. I hope that all of us represented on this site will continue to keep the faith ablaze during this era in which "ignorant armies clash by night" for we know that Jesus is the Eternal Sun and that His Mother reflects His light to us by God's design.

In Cordibus Jesu et Mariæ,
Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins

This site was originated by Mark Alder to support the launch of a book by Fr. Aidan Nichols called Christendom Awake. Website Introduction


The Church Learned And The Revolt Of The Scholars

by Philip Trower

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Cardinal Pell: Some Thoughts

by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Important New Book!

Bad Shepherds
by Rod Bennett

Review by Dr. Pravin Thevathasan

Review by Tim Matthews

Manifesto of Faith
By Cardinal Gerhard Müller

Fr. Spitzerís Brilliant Examination of the Whole of Reality

Philip Trower R.I.P.

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Dr Mary Shivanandan

St. Joseph and Sacrificial Love - Commentary

Book review by Donal Foley of The Holy Family: Model Not Exception

Our Lady of Light - 2nd December 2018

Ransomed from the Darknes

Moira Noonan


Issues in Family, Culture and Science

October 18th 2018 Issue - Identity and Difference: The Gender Debate

Arthur Burton Calkins

The book Totus Tuus now in its 2nd edition

The Immaculate Heart of Mary in
the Theology of Reparation

Msgr. Calkins Home Page

Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.


New book on this website!
Books of the Late Dom Benedict Heron O.S.B.
Philip Trower Home Page
Books reviewed by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

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