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Fr Thomas Crean O.P.

Fr Thomas Crean OP was born on 21st August 1973, in Harpenden, England. He was educated at St Columbas’s College, St Albans from 1984-1991, and at St John’s College, Oxford. He received a BA Degree (First Class) in Philosophy & Theology in 1995. He was awarded the Lectorate in Sacred Theology at Blackfriars, Oxford, in 1999 and a Licence in Sacred Theology from the Institute of St Thomas Aquinas in Toulouse, 2002.

He entered the Dominican Order in September 1995, being solemnly professed in September 1999. He was ordained to the priesthood in July 2001.

Since completing further studies with the Dominicans in Toulouse, he has lived in Leicester, London and Cambridge and has worked in parochial ministry and as a university chaplain. He is currently based at the Priory of the Holy Cross Leicester, working as an assistant parish priest and as Catholic chaplain to the Leicester Royal Infirmary. He is also a part-time tutor for the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham,

His publications include A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins and The Mass and the Saints. His articles have appeared in The Mass of Ages, Living Tradition, Christian Order, Apropos, FAITH and the Catholic Herald.

New Books

Please excuse the convenient but not over-courteous approach of a mass e-mail: this is to let you know, in case you should be interested, that Arouca Press have just published a commentary of mine on St Luke's gospel.  It is meant to be accessible to the general reader, while being more theological than most modern scriptural commentaries.  It is especially opposed to the pseudo-scholarly approach of many modern Catholic exegetes with their bracketing or denial of revealed dogmas including scriptural inerrancy and their so-called 'low Christology'.

Integralism: A Manual of Political Philosophy Paperback – 30 Mar. 2020
by Thomas Crean (author) & Alan Fimister (author) (Author)



De Oratione (aroucapress.com)

Fr Thomas has recently translated this book




Preaching by Fr Thomas


The Two Cities

Religious Liberty

Go to Joseph

Review No Place for God

A Meditation on Modernism

A Saint in Heaven

Synod of Bishops in Rome, 5-26 October 2008
Rediscovering the Word of God

Of Law and Liberty

Praying With Non-Catholics — Is it Possible?

Thomas Merton and Liturgical Renewal: Forty Years on

Ancients and Moderns on the Patience of Job

The Mass as an actual sacrifice in Catholic Tradition.

Reply to New Atheists

Rekindling the Embers

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger


Christ in the Blessed Sacrament – do we reverence Him enough?

Concerning Humanae Vitae

The Infallible Teaching of Humanae Vitae

Fatima and the Consecration of Russia

St Thomas Aquinas’s teaching on conscience, and two modern distortions


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A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins (U.K. title)

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This work takes the arguments in The God Delusion point by point and offers a reply. It is good to read the work side by side with that of Dawkin's. Most telling is his philosophical challenge to Dawkins.

God is No Delusion (U.S.A. title)

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The Mass and the Saints

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Letters to a Non-Believer

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