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The Case Against The Sexual Revolution
A New Guide To Sex In The 21st Century
by Louise Perry

This is a remarkable work. It is not every day that a young feminist who writes for the Leftist press condemns the Sexual Revolution to such an extent as this. The Sexual Revolution, she writes, has not been good for women. She should know: she worked previously in a rape crisis centre.

Vulnerable women have been exploited by rich and powerful men. Epstein and Weinstein come to mind. She also notes that prostitution is hugely exploitative and violent.

The author believes that contraception and abortion should be legal and available. In other areas, her observations resonate with Christian beliefs.

There really is a difference between male and female, she argues. Sex is different from other bodily acts because it is so personal. Trying to trivialise sex or trying to sell it as just another commodity simply does not work.

I found the discussion of male and female difference to be of great interest.

Women need stable partners. Sexual restraint is the best means to prepare for marriage. Most remarkable of all, she argues that marriage is good for women. It is good for men too.The psychological difference between men and women mean that men are more likely to be promiscuous. Men need the commitment of marriage in order to exercise sexual restraint.

What the author is saying is that the exercise of our desires without restraint is not good for us. That really goes against what the Sexual Revolution has been about!

The idea going around at present is that as long as there is consent, anything goes. But, following the MeToo Movement, the author says not: sexual activity may be consensual, but it also may be coercive. I hope that the author will soon find out how many women have been coerced into having an abortion.

The author examines the porn stars who have finally admitted that they were exploited and abused in the industry. A well known porn site contained videos of under-aged girls and many of them did not know they were on it. The author details the exploited life of one of the most famous porn stars of the seventies.

The writing is somewhat earthy in parts. This is not surprising given the subject matter. As a Christian, I do not agree with all that is written here.

Again, that is not the point: a remarkable journey has taken place in the life of a feminist who at one time in her life wholeheartedly endorsed the Sexual Revolution. Now she believes in sexual restraint and marriage.

Quite an achievement.

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Version: 22nd  October 2022

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