The book,The Way of the Lamb, by Professor John Saward, published by T & T Clark is in my opinion complementary to Aidan Nichols' book Christendom Awake. The author's presentation of the theology of childhood to be found in the great Catholic writers of the turn of the century develops some of the ideas to be found in his earlier work, Redeemer in the Womb, which drew out the implications of the Incarnation for our understanding and cherishing of the child in the womb.

Other theologians are making a important contributions in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and it felt right to include them within this present context. These include, Professor Mary Shivanandan, whose new book Crossing the Threshold of Love deals with contemporary marriage in the light of Pope John Paul II's anthropology.

Works by Fr. Ian Ker, and Fr. Peter Bristow, the moral theologian have also been included. Professor Douglas Lancashire is also included since his intimate knowledge of Chinese culture is invaluable when considering the way towards Christian cultural regeneration in the West. For the sake of completeness, I am also making available on this site various texts on Mary, Mother of God, and an article I wrote on the role of the large family.

An important new initiative which has been started on this site is Bridge to Balthasar, which aims to make the writings of Hans von Balthasar accessible to a much wider circle of people; this has the support of Fr Fessio of Ignatius Press. If any people have a particular interest in the work of Balthasar as well as those who can write simply about him, I would be pleased to hear from them.

The works of Christopher Dawson, the Catholic cultural historian, will also be featured, and there are also contributions from the following writers: Catherine Collins, Timothy Tindal-Robertson and Fr Thomas McGovern .

I am so grateful for the many excellent books produced by two Publishers:

Ignatius Press and T&T Clark

It is mainly books published by these publishers which I am trying to promote on this site; sadly many ordinary Catholics have not heard of these books.


This whole initiative would not have been possible without Stratford Caldecott of whose publishing and conference initiatives through the years have promoted some of the people I have included on this website. His Centre for Faith and Culture is in the process of developing its website www.secondspring.co.uk is now available. This site will include a selection of articles that have appeared in the 'Second Spring' section of Catholic World Report over the years, along with new material. Dr. Caldecott welcomes submissions and responses via their Webmaster, Dr. Mark Armitage.

This Version: 28th June 2010