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Many of today's moral conflicts concerning family values and medical ethics have their basis in different conceptions of man and the nature and purpose of human life. In his book, The Moral Dignity of Man, published by Four Courts Press, Fr Bristow argues that contemporary utilitarianism and the various forms of permissive morality are insufficient for dealing with these matters and that only a natural law morality is adequate to the needs and dignity of the human person. He goes on to apply its principles to the issues that derive from advancing technology, such as genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, embryo research, drugs and painkillers and ecology.

Peter Bristow was educated at Downside School, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Navarre. A priest of the Opus Dei prelature, now living in Manchester, he has served for ten years as chaplain to a London branch of the Guild of Catholic Doctors. He has contributed to the Downside Review and the Catholic Medical Quarterly.

Preface and Introduction to Moral Diginity of Man

First chapter of The Moral Dignity of Man

Review of The Moral Dignity of Man

Brief Reviews for the first edition:

'A comprehensive and clear guide to Catholic moral teaching' ACW Review.

'There has been an agonising need for a re-statement of the unchanging principles underlying the great watershed that was Vatican II. Fr Bristow has gone a long way to provide it' CMQ.

'This book's greatest merit is its clear presentation of contemporary magisterial teaching. The careful selection of the key texts indicates the author's thorough reading and appreciation of the Church's teaching... a thoroughly reliable guide to Catholic moral teaching' Catholic Family.

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