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Review of Who Moved the Stone? By Frank Morison.
Faber and Faber, Ltd.

Apostolikos Thronos: Rival Accounts of Roman Primacy in Eusebius and Athanasius

by Vincent Twomey

Articles by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Article - 
Prue and Danny's Death Road Trip

Article - Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered

Article - Thank God for Opus Dei

Article - Pot, Kettle, and Black

Reviews by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

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New Reviews

Fabricating Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort the Gosepels
by Craig Evans

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus
by Gary R. Habermas and Michael R. Licona
Kregel Publications

Saints who saw Hell
And Other Catholic Witnesses to the Fate of the Damned
by Paul Thigpen
TAN Books

Murder in the 33'rd Degree
The Gagnon Investigation Into Vatican Freemasonry
by Charles Theodore Murr

The Road to Hell
Everlasting Torment or Annhialation?
by David Pawson
Terra Nova Publications

The Sexual Revolution
by Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Freedom Publishing Books

The Dynamics of Liturgy
Joseph Ratzinger's Theology of Liturgy:
An Interpretation
by D. Vincent Twomey, S.V.D
Ignatius Press

From Atheism to Catholicism
How Scientists and Philosophers Led Me to Truth
by Kevin Vost
Our Sunday Visitor

How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity
by David Limbaugh

Jesus is Risen
Paul And The Early Church
by David Limbaugh
Regnery Publishing

The Decline & Fall of the Catholic Church in America
by David Carlin
Sophia Press

The Soul
How We Know It's Real And Why It Matters
by J. P. Moreland
Moody Publishers

Reasons to Believe:
How to Understand, Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith
by Scott Hahn
Darton, Longman & Todd

Holy Is His Name
The Transforming Power of God's Holiness in Scripture
by Scott Hahn
Emmaus Road Publishing

Christianity At The Cross Roads
How The Second Century Shaped The Future Of The Church
by Michael J. Kruger

The Case Against The Sexual Revolution
A New Guide To Sex In The 21st Century
by Louise Perry

The Gods Of Atheism
by Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J.
Sophia Institute Press

The Case For The Real Jesus
A Journalist Investigates Current Attacks On the Identity of Christ
by Lee Strobell

All One in Christ
A Catholic Critique of Racism and Critical Race Theory
by Edward Feser
Ignatius Press

A Better Vision
Understanding, Living and Sharing
the Catholic Vision for Human Sexuality
by Christopher Hayden
St Pauls Publishing

The Genesis Of Gender
A Christian Theory
by Abigail Favale
Ignatius Press

The Antichrist
The Final Campaign Against The Saviour
Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J.
Sophia Institute Press

Hard Sayings
A Catholic Approach to Answering Biblical Difficulties
by Trent Horn
Catholic Answers Press

Into the Deep
An Unlikely Conversion
by Abigail Rine Favale
Cascade Books

Jordan Peterson, God and Christianity
The Search For A Meaningful Life
by Christopher Kaczor and Matthew R. Petrusek
Word on Fire Institute

Hostile Witnesses
How The Historic Enemies of
The Church Prove Christianity
by Gary Michuta
Catholic Answers Press

The Grace of Nothingness
Navigating the Spiritual Life with Blessed Columba Marmion
by Fr Cassian Koenmann, OSB
Angelico Press

A Point In Time
The Search For Redemption In This Life And The Next
by David Horowitz
Regnery Publishing

The Enemy Within
How A Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America
by David Horowitz
Regnery Publishing

St Luke's Gospel
A Commentary for Believers
by Thomas Crean, O.P.
Arouca Press

Dark Agenda
The War to Destroy Christian America
by David Horowitz
Humanix Books

The Early Church Was The Catholic Church
The Catholic Witness Of The Fathers In Christianity's First Two Centuries
by Joe Heschmeyer
Catholic Answers Press

The Dethronement of Truth
by Dietrich Von Hildebrand
Hildebrand Project

10 Books That Screwed Up The World
And 5 Others That Didn't Help
by Benjamin Wiker
Regnery Publishing

Live Not By Lies
A Manual For Christian Dissidents
by Rod Dreher

Man's Knowledge of Reality
An Introduction to Thomistic Epistemology
by Frederick D. Wilhelmsen
Angelico Press

The Invincible Family
Why The Global Campaign To Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can't Win
by Kimberly Ells
Regnery Gateway

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Allen Hall Public Lectures  May  2021

Finding Christ in the Old Testament (1)

Some Reflections on the Song of Songs (2)

St. Joseph (3)

Moving Beyond Vatican II

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Person and Identity Website

Turmoil & Truth

The Historical Roots of the Modern Crisis
in the Catholic Church

Philip Trower

The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith

By Philip Trower

A Study of the Roots of Modern Secularism, Relativism and de-Christianisation

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Complete Book!

The New Journey to God


Catherine Dalzell

Our Call to Holiness

Reflections of a Sinner

by Dom Benedict Heron

Fr. Noel Muscat OFM

Live from Lourdes

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Edward Short is the author of several highly acclaimed studies of Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman, including Newman and his Contemporaries (2011), Newman and his Family (2013) and Newman and History (2017).

His recently published critical edition of Newman’s Anglican Difficulties (1850) garnered praise from Ian Ker and Stephen Bullivant.  

In addition to his studies of Newman, Mr. Short's books include Adventures in the Book Pages: Essays and Reviews (2015) and Culture and Abortion (2013), both of which are available from Gracewing.  

Currently, he is at work on Newman and his Critics, which Bloomsbury will publish in 2022.

Edward Short lives in New York with his wife and two young children. 

Version:   11th September 2023