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Mark Alder,  a convert to Christianity from Judaism, is to be congratulated for his web site, Christendom-awake.org.  He is putting the “identity project” on this web site to alert viewers to the dangers of rejecting the Church’s teaching on sexuality, that men are men and women are women and any other interpretation is due to original sin.  Jesus Christ, who inherited all the teaching of the Old Testament, was incarnated as the Son of the Most High, to free us from the evil of sin by his passion, death and resurrection.

Mary Shivanandan

Dear Visitors to this website

I have an exciting new resource to share with you—the Person and Identity Project. But before I share more about that, let me offer some background.

It's impossible to miss the huge cultural shifts taking place on issues related to “gender” and sexual identity. This week Gallup reported that nearly 16% of Generation Z identifies as LGBT, a figure eight times higher than in the “Boomer” generation. Every day, our children and grandchildren are bombarded with images and messages promoting alternative identities or sexual behaviors. It’s no wonder their confusion is growing. In fact, it’s hard for adults to sort all this out, too.

It’s not just cultural, though. The Biden Administration is mandating gender ideology across the federal government. Just this past week, the Equality Act, a dangerous law that threatens women’s rights, religious liberty, and much more, passed the House. (I have linked to some excellent articles, below, on this issue.) The nominee to be Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services—Dr. Rachel Levine, a male who identifies as a “transgender woman”—refused to disclose to the Senate whether he still supports minors’ “gender transitions.” Nearly twenty states are debating legislation to protect girls’ sports and stop medical experimentation on gender-confused teens.

It's tempting to think, “What does all this have to do with me?”

The answer is: Everything. Gender ideology, which claims that each person “self-defines” an identity regardless of sex, is the antithesis of the Christian vision of the person. Gender ideology is corrupting our language, re-shaping our culture, and threatening free speech and religious liberty. This affects all of us—which is why Pope Francis has spoken out so strongly against it, calling it an “enemy” that is waging “global war” against marriage and the family.

As Catholics, we uphold the dignity of every human being, at every stage of life (no matter how a person “identifies”). And we have compassion for people who experience identity confusion. Even so, we must avoid giving in to a false compassion, for example, by affirming a teen’s rejection of his or her own sexed body or supporting hormonal or surgical interventions that destroy or impair healthy body parts or functions.

As the influence of gender ideology grows, we need, as Scripture says, to “always be prepared to make a defense... to account for the hope that is in you,” (1 Peter 3:15). We need courage and confidence to share God’s love and the truth about “who we are,” with kindness and love.

Now there’s a resource to help you do just that. The Person and Identity website! The Person and Identity Project, sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has resourcesFAQs, “toolkits” and training available to help Catholics and Catholic institutions counter gender ideology and share the truth about the human person.

We invite you to visit our new website here and share it widely! I hope you will also read our first newsletter on gender ideology and stay abreast of the Person and Identity Project, by subscribing here for future newsletters.

I would be very, very grateful if you would please keep this project, and our Person and Identity team, in your prayers!

Finally, I invite you to read and enjoy the excellent work of our scholars and friends, linked below.

Please know I remember you in my prayers, with gratitude and joy!

Mary Rice Hasson
Director, Catholic Women's Forum
Ethics and Public Policy Center


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