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Professor John (Jack) Carlson

John W. (Jack) Carlson is professor of philosophy at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb. During his career, all at Jesuit-sponsored institutions, he has served as a department chair, arts and sciences dean, and academic vice president.

Curriculum Vitae

Articles Etc.

“Remarks on Moral Philosophy—With an Illustration from a Text in Preparation”

Catholic Identity: Shall We Talk?

Defending and Defining Words of Wisdom
Carl E. Olson Interviews
Professor John Carlson


Understanding Our Being

Words of Wisdom: A Dictionary for the Renewal of Perennial Philosophy

Forthcoming Books

Professor Carlson is currently working on a follow-on book, also for Catholic University of America Press, called Achieving the Good: Introduction to Moral Philosophy and Ethics in the Perennial Tradition. You can view the introduction to this forthcoming book by using the following link. INTRODUCTION.

He hopes that these two books will help stimulate the renewal of perennial philosophy among teachers and students in Catholic colleges. There is no information yet about the publication date for the new follow-on book.

He has also published a philosophical dictionary through University of Notre Dame Press. It's called Words of Wisdom: A Dictionary for the Renewal of Perennial Philosophy, and it has entries for 1,150 terms. Here is the book's introduction so you can get a sense of what it involves. Click HERE to see the list of entries in the book.

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