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Dr Pravin Thevathasan
Consultant Psychiatrist

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Dr Pravin Thevathasan is a Consultant Psychiatrist. A convert to Catholicism, he has a special interest in Medical Ethics and the teachings of St.Thomas Aquinas.


Catholicism and Mental Health


Abortion and Mental Health (by Dr Thevathasan) - Review by Donal Anthony Foley

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Making sense of the sex abuse crisis by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Is there a case for abortion following rape?

Is there a case for direct abortion?

“Extinctionism”: the End of Utilitarianism

Assisted Suicide – Some Psychiatric Considerations
Dignity in Dying or Voluntary Euthanasia?

Are Women Hurt by Abortion?

Carl Gustav Jung: Enemy of the Church(Link)

Jungian Gnosticism

The Synod on the Family: What is at stake?

The pro-life movement: one way ahead

Bernard Haring and his Medical Ethics

Indissolubility of the Marriage Bond

Does the availability of legal abortion and contraception bring down the rates of abortion?

Ant-Catholicism in Australia

Ugly as a bear

Was Abortion On Trial?

With Friends Like These Holy Father?

Dr Pravin gives a reaction to Edward Pentin's talk on what is going on in the Vatican and what insiders are telling him.

Fruits of the Same Tree

How to ACTA Catholic without being one

Gaudete et Exsultate

The Catholic Church and the Sex Abuse Crisis
- Latest article 28th Aug 2018

Cardinal Pell: Some Thoughts

The Verdict is out: Guilty

My Debt To Opus Dei

On the objectivity of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Cardinal Pell: Justice at last

A Saint for our Time

Trump or Biden? Thomas or Thomas?

A letter to a concerned Catholic friend

Whether Thomas Aquinas should have joined the Dominicans?

Covid Vaccines: Should we?

Confession and Mental Health

Article -  Prue and Danny's Death Road Trip

Article - Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered

Article - Thank God for Opus Dei

Article - Pot, Kettle, and Black

Articles recommended by Dr Thevathasan

Cardiology – A Catholic Perspective
Dermot Kearney
Consultant Cardiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead
, UK

Jungian Gnosticism

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