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Harry Potter; Media Extravaganza or Deafening Silence?

I have real concern that many good practicing Christians receive little or no guidance when faced with a number of issues which can impact on them or their children. It could be said that such people need only to do their own research on the internet etc and they will be fully informed. However many folk are so busy with their lives that they often do not have time or energy to do such research.

The problems with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Phillip Pulman's Dark Materials Trilogy are in my opinion easier to deal with. Most Orthodox Christians are in agreement. However trying to discern Harry Potter is much more difficult because of the range of views presented by different Christian Commentators. If people are not careful the whole subject can become extremely divisive.

Many parents encourage their children's interest in Harry Potter books and films but are not aware that a number of informed Christians have various degrees of reservations about the books/films. To be fair I therefore want to start this short article by reiterating that a number of informed Christians have no problem with Harry Potter.

What seriously worries me however is that although countless adults and children are reading and enjoying Harry Potter there seems to be a "deafening silence" amongst countless people as to whether there is any cause for concern. There is usually no discussion of the pros and the cons.

There are a number of possible points of entry into this subject, Firstly I am looking at authoritative statements. One article uses the authority of The Catechism. The Reality of the Devil,

I now give an exceptionally good article by Rev. Thomas J Euteneuer of Human Life International. Halloween and Harry Potter At the top of this article there are useful links to a very good article by Michael O'Brien and some comments by the previous chief exorcist of Rome, Rev. Gabriele Amorth. Such a person as Rev Amorth speaks with real experience on the matters I am discussing here. I would also strongly recommend two books by Rev. Amorth. An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories

It is useful to view some of the articles on Harry Potter which are available on the Catholic Culture Website. This include views both for and against Harry Potter.

It is also instructive to examine the various articles on the
LifeSite News website

The article below presents some useful ideas.
Harry Potter: The archetype of an abortion survivor

Is the Practice of Witchcraft Harmless?


I must give grateful thanks to Dave Parry who provides an emailing list of interesting and important websites and news items. I first learnt about some of the Harry Potter websites from Dave's mailing list. If you would like to go on the emailing list please email Dave at dparry@toucansurf.com

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