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Harry Potter: Agent of Conversion
Toni Collins (Envoy, Issue #3, 2001 )
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Harry Potter and the Paganization of Children's Culture
Michael D. O'Brien (
Catholic World Report, April 2001)
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Harry Potter: Divergent Views
Various (November 10, 2000)
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Harry Potter's Magic
Alan Jacobs (
First Things, January 2000)
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Is Harry Potter Good for Our Kids?
Vivian W. Dudro (2000)
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Pope voiced caution on Harry Potter books
Catholic World News (07/13/2005)

The Trouble With Harry
John Andrew Murray (2000)
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Fantasy and the Occult in Children's Literature
Susan Reibel Moore (
Homiletic & Pastoral Review, June 2001)
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Harry Potter at the Vatican
Jeff Mirus ( 07/22/2005)

Has the Pope Condemned Harry Potter?
Jeff Mirus ( 07/16/2005)


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