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The Beautiful Story of Mary is for children and is solidly based on scripture. With its excellent illustrations it is a great way for children to get to know and love Mary.

My Little Family Prayer Book is another excellent resource for children and it faithfully introduces them to our Catholic tradition of prayer. Once again it is well illustrated. Both books are written by Maite Roche.

Light in the Christmas Season consists of texts taken from Pope Benedict's addresses and homilies during Advent and Christmas of 2010. It makes for solid spiritual reading especially during Advent.Pope Benedict writes that with the Incarnation the infinite distance between God and man is overcome. The Child has "ignited the light of goodness in men and has given them the strength to overcome the tyranny of might."

A reflection on the Gloria leads to a wonderful discussion on Nature and Grace.

Be Firm In Your Faith consists of Pope Benedict's homilies and addresses from World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011. There is an inspiring section on the nature of the university by the former professor. He says that a utilitarian approach to education is becoming widespread and the mission of the professor is seen to be that of forming professionals capable of satisfying the demand for labour.

Above all the writings are there to inspire young people to deepen their faith and spread the Gospel.

A Simple Guide to the Mass by Dom Cuthbert Johnson OSB is a very helpful guide to the new translation of the Mass. The author is a Consultor to the Congretation for Divine Worship.He writes, for example, that the response "And with your spirit" shows that the priest "is not acting in his own name but that his ministry is from God and does not depend upon his human qualities and gifts."

The new translation says that Jesus poured his blood out "for many." This is an accurate rendering of the Gospel texts and is a reference to the songs of the Servant of God found in the Book of Isaiah.

Participating in the Mass is also by Dom Cuthbert Johnson. It is a beautifully written guide to the liturgy. It shows that neglect of beauty is detrimental to our faith. The liturgy is the splendour of truth and a radiant expression of the paschal mystery. Sacred Art is something more than religious art. The author argues that we have much to learn from the icon painter who fasts and prays before beginning his work.

Sacrifice in the Liturgy is by Bishop Peter J. Elliott, an author of many works on the liturgy. His discussion of the priest facing east while celebrating Mass is both fruitful and fair.

In the Great Prayer of the whole Church "all our personal prayers are caught up by Jesus the High Priest offering himself in self-giving love to the Father in the Spirit."

We are called to ponder how the "sacrificial mysteries of the altar can add meaning and value to our daily lives as Christians."

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Dr Pravin Thevathasan's Reviews page  

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