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Fr Euteneuer's Exorcism Book Has Finally Been Published

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce the publication of my long-awaited book on exorcism entitled
Exorcism and the Church Militant! It has been three years in the writing, but by the grace of God, it is finished, and today, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, I am able to announce it to my own Spirit and Life friends. The "official" launch of it will be on Monday, but you have a unique opportunity to get an advanced copy. Check out our website which is appropriately titled, www.exorcismbook.com.

Here are a couple highlights of the book to entice you:

Pre-eminent Catholic preacher, Fr. John Corapi, wrote the Foreword to the book

An Introduction explaining my view of the Church Militant

A total of 7 Chapters with 178 Questions and 9 Appendices including the full ancient exorcism ritual of the Catholic Church in three parts

Chapter 1 -
Jesus, Chief Exorcist

Chapter 2 -
The Devil and His Minions

Chapter 3 -
Exorcism and Church Authority

Chapter 4 -
Discernment Issues

Chapter 5 -
Healing and Deliverance

Chapter 6 -
The Conduct of an Exorcism, and

Chapter 7 -
Pastoral Considerations

An extended Table of Contents in the front for easy review of the material

A detailed Index at the back for easy reference of terms and research

Six chapters contain an Afterword which explains the subject matter from the actual ministry experience of the author

The seventh chapter contains a list of "Spiritual Resources for Busy People" to help priests and parents to learn more about the subjects addressed in the book and other related matters

An extended Bibliography including relevant Church documents.


Excerpt from the book’s Foreword by Fr. John Corapi:

Father Thomas Euteneuer has performed a valuable service in giving us his book Exorcism and the Church Militant. Everyone seeking a more complete knowledge of the Catholic-Christian faith, indeed, reality itself, can profit from a careful and prayerful reading of this book. Priests especially should profit from this material, for it is my personal experience that the need for it has increased exponentially in recent years. Preparation for this dimension of spiritual warfare is singularly lacking in almost all seminaries, novitiates, or other Catholic institutions of learning. One of the reasons for this is that many such institutions have faculty that, from all indications, don’t necessarily believe what the Church believes. This leaves a terrible void, so much so that it is often extremely difficult to find a priest with even the most rudimentary knowledge of this essential facet of priestly ministry. The effect on souls can be devastating. Hopefully this fine book will inspire many priests to equip themselves with the necessary weapons to fight for souls in this arena.


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My main purpose in writing the book is to get more of my brother priests involved in the work of forming the Church Militant, but it can be easily read by anyone. Your own favorite priest may appreciate a copy! I also intend the book as an antidote to the bizarre understanding of exorcism that most people have from the movie industry. Many of the exorcism movies contain a grain of truth about the Church's warfare against the Evil One, but only the Catholic Church truly understands spiritual warfare in all its fullest-and only the Church Militant has all the weapons to fight it!

Note also that I am publishing a companion edition to the exorcism book called simply
Demonic Abortion. It is an extended commentary on the satanic nature of the abortion industry and culture of death. Originally a chapter in the larger work, I took it out and made it into its own shorter book because the subject needs much more attention, and I hope that I have done justice to it in this book. Demonic Abortion will be available for shipping on July 7th, but you will receive a $4.95 discount if you order it now with Exorcism and the Church Militant, and we will send it to you with no additional shipping charge.

One final note about these books: All proceeds will directly benefit the Human Life International global pro-life network which spans 100 countries of the world, and your generosity is greatly appreciated!

May the Lord bless your faith as you read these books, and may St. Michael and his angels protect you and your family in the spiritual battle which we have to sustain against the forces of hell!

Don't forget to order the book at www.exorcismbook.com!


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International

Copyright © Thomas J. Euteneuer 2010

Version: 12th June 2010

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