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Two Parallel Universes

Priest's Homily Notes

At the present time, there seems to be two parallel and unconnected universes. In one of them resides those who believe in authentic Christianity and the other is a kind of "twilight zone" in which dwell those supporting books such as the Da Vinci Code.

It is my opinion that many people of good will exist in between these two universes. They are so bombarded by hype about the Da Vinci Code that they remain considerably uninformed and confused about the reality of the situation.

The above link will open up for you a two-page pdf document of homily notes suitable for priests and others.

I passed these notes to a friend who in turn passed them on to another person who then circulated them to 850 priests! I would be most grateful if you would do all you can to circulate these.

I am grateful to
Da Vinci Outreach and Ascension Press for permission to reproduce these notes on my website.

Further Useful Resources-:

Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation


Version: 12th May 2006

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  Reflections on Literature
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