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Review by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

What Are They Teaching The Children?
Lynda Rose, Editor
Wilberforce Publications

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This proved to be an incredibly informative work. The many different authors examine the philosophy, law and current practice of education in the light of recent changes in culture and society.

Lynda Rose looks at the various pressure groups behind the recent changes in education including the Frankfurt School which aimed at bringing about the disintegration of Western Society by promoting sex education, providing children with contraception and controlling the media. On Islam, while she notes that most Muslims living in the UK are peaceful, nevertheless the teachings on "unbelievers" are of great concern. She also notes that an increasing number of Christians are being persecuted even in "moderate" Muslim countries.

Philip Quenby puts forward good arguments in favour of promoting a Christian vision of education. Education is, after all, a means of enabling the individual to develop and it should not be simply a means of serving the state. Objective truth is what matters, not whatever the state defines and re-defines as true. Education ought to have no mere utilitarian function: there are things that are of value in themselves even if they serve no practical purposes.

Edmund Adamus reminds us that parents are the true educators of children according to natural law. Yet, there are powerful groups at work who undermine the vocation of parents. As far back as 1946, the Canadian liberal Dr Brock Chisholm argued that the concept of right and wrong is a barrier and should be eradicated. Children should be freed from such religious "prejudice". It is sad to note that a law professor in once Catholic Georgetown University has written in favour of the state taking over the parental role if parents fail to educate their children in accordance with whatever the state feels is right and wrong.

Anthony Busk argues that it is one thing to address bullying in schools, but it has becomes a means of promoting the LGBT agenda in schools. The Equality Act 2010 makes no reference to homophobic bullying but to discrimination. The author argues that the use of the term "homophobic bullying" allows organizations such as Stonewall to carry out a program of indoctrination in schools.

Brian Hadley looks at a program known as Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools. He suggests that children of this age ought to be allowed to develop at their own natural pace. ( who better than parents to know what the natural pace is for each child? Yet another argument against class room-based sex education.) Promoting same sex marriage in this setting becomes an agenda. He discusses such psychological techniques as desensitisation and jamming. Christian morality is conflated with "extremism". After all, Dame Louise Casey had to recently retract her statement that Catholic schools should not be allowed to teach that marriage is a union of one man and one woman. He asks if the Government really wishes to destabilise society by fermenting anti-Christian hatred.

Other chapters are on scientism, human rights, are Christian assemblies still relevant? and what does "British values" mean?

This is a very helpful examination of the way in which the secularists have used education as a vehicle to promote their ideologies.

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Version: 23rd February 2017

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