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The Snapping of the American Mind
Healing A Nation Broken By A Lawless
Government And Godless Culture
David Kupelian
WND Books

The title is reminiscent of the classic work The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom. But "snapping" reminds us that the decline and fall of America has been much more rapid than a mere closing. That is what happened when the liberal secularists took over the running of the nation.
So how did it happen? Kupelian examines the influence that Marxist intellectuals had over the US. Lukacs, Gramsci and others came to the conclusion that it was the pervasive influence of Christianity that impeded the progress of Marxism in the US. Those deep roots had to be cut in order to "
free" the culture. To change the culture would require "a long march through the institutions"- the arts, cinema, schools, universities, newspapers and even seminaries.

In his book Eros and Civilization, Marcuse advocated the universal adoption of the pleasure principle. According to one on-line gay site: "Marcuse had an enormous influence on theories of sexual liberation, particularly in the early post-Stonewall gay movement and on the left."

Patrick Buchanan is quoted as saying that for cultural Marxists, no cause ranked higher than the abolition of the family. Erich Fromm argued that the differences between the sexes are a mere fiction of Western culture. For Adorno, the family is the cradle of fascism. Reich believed that the way to destroy the family was through revolutionary sexual politics and early sex education.

These revolutionaries would have been pleased to hear that nine out of ten boys and six out of ten girls are exposed to porn before age 18. Twenty percent of sixteen year-olds would have received a sext. Fifteen percent of boys have seen child pornography. Thirty two percent of boys have seen bestiality online and sixty nine percent have seen homosexual sex online. Is the spirit of Reich and others conditioning them? Have porn users become pawns, so to speak, controlled by the Marxist sexual revolutionaries?

The next generation is being systematically destroyed, "set up for relational failure, heartbreak, misery and disease."

The obsession with pornography has led to the "erotic novel" Fifty Shades of Grey selling 45 million copies in the US alone. When the film version debuted in February 2015, the opening weekend's box office take exceeded that of the previous record holder, The Passion of the Christ.

The liberals are currently having a field day. They have accused the Catholic Church of torture because the Church strives to "prevent the torture of children and mothers though abortion. Can they be serious?"

In this climate of extreme secularism, it was no surprise when Mr Obama became the most powerful person on the planet. He was a disciple of Saul Alinsky who in his book Rules for Radicals stated that a revolutionary organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns, agitate and create discontent with the current values. By current values is meant traditional Christian values.

Alinsky noted that "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins would, I am sure, vouche for this.

So here we have a work that is both powerful and compelling. Kupelian is not a Catholic, but Real Catholics are unlikely to disagree with much.

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Version: 24th September 2017

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