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Theology of the Body
Love,sexuality& the human body
Dominic Baster

The Theology of the Body is the topic of a series of lectures given by Pope John Pau II during his wednesday audience. This work is a fine and readable summary and covers such subjects as original solitude, the spousal meaning of the body, the redemption of the body, celibacy and marriage. The author shows us precisely why contraception is lying with our bodies.
The author deals with the subject matter with reverence. A really good introduction to an important subject.

J.R.R. Tolkien
His life, work and faith
Raymond Edwards

The author reminds us that Tolkien was a deeply Catholic writer. Unlike C S Lewis, he was not called to be a Christian apologist. However, his hugely popular works are soaked in Catholicism. The journey of Frodo into the heart of Mordor is surely a symbol of the Christian's imitation of Christ carrying the burden of sin. It is most certainly a story of Calvary and Redemption.
This is a well written introduction to one of the great Catholic writers of recent times.

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