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33 Day Consecration To Jesus Through Mary.
Compiled by John Pridmore and Niall Slattery
CTS Books

33 Day Consecration to Jesus Through Mary Inspired by St Louis Marie de Montfort

In easy to understand language, this text describes how anyone, of any age or background, may consecrate their heart to Jesus, through Mary, using the celebrated guidance of St Louis de Montfort. Progressing through four successive themes over 33 days, and by way of daily scripture, help from St Louis's writings, sayings from the saints, reflections, resolutions and prayer, we are led to personal conversion and consecration of our heart and will to those of Jesus through his mother Mary.

John Pridmore was born and raised in the east end of London. He became involved at an early age in a life of organised crime. When he was 27 he had a powerful conversion experience to the Catholic faith and for the last 20 years he has been a full time evangelist travelling all over the world running parish missions and giving talks.

Niall Slattery is part of St Patrick's Community (based in Ireland) which runs parish missions all over the world. Together with John Pridmore he has set up numerous retreats and missions.


St Louis de Montfort in his thirty-three-day consecration (Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary) helps us to consecrate our hearts and all that we have to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and through her heart to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This devotion has helped me to understand the depth of the love of Mary and Jesus in a way that I didn't think was possible. There is a supernatural grace in this consecration that I feel is beyond human words or understanding. The late Holy Father St John Paul II stated that through reading this consecration his life was transformed. He said, "this Marian devotion has since remained an integral part of my interior life and of my spiritual theology".

I believe that this devotion is truly life-changing and brings us to a deep foundation built on the rock of Christ. It protects us in this world of spiritual warfare and helps us to understand the gifts given us by God the creator.
I would advise that before starting this devotion you pray for the grace of perseverance and give it your fullest attention and time, because in spiritual warfare the enemy will try everything to rob you of these incredible graces. The protection prayer on page 6 is a good prayer for each day of this devotion.

Each day consists of an opening prayer, a scripture reading, a reading from the writings of St Louis de Montfort, a reflection and various prayers. It is recommended that you finish this devotion on a Marian feast day, so before you start, check the calendar of possible consecration dates for the best day to begin.

St Louis de Montfort speaks of a remnant Marian army that will bring immeasurable graces to heaven, and I believe, as St Louis de Montfort did, that this consecration is the commissioning to that army. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

John Pridmore

Publisher's Book Information

Review by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

This splendid work is just what is needed at this moment. Our Lady came to Fatima to spread devotion to her Immaculate Heart. So many of us simply ignore the message of Fatima. St Louis Marie de Montfort is one of the most important saints for our times. Yet how little we know of his teaching.

This work is a helpful means of consecrating our hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There are four major sections: renouncing the spirit of the world, knowledge of self, knowledge of Mary and knowledge of Jesus. Each day has a theme: trusting in God, serving God, dying to our own will, Christ as the pearl of great price etc.

The theme is followed by an opening prayer, a reading from scripture, a reading from St Louis, a reflection and a resolution. It is easy to read, easy to follow and eminently practical.

Perhaps some of us are feeling bewildered by what is going on in the Church. This work is a good and supernatural remedy for those of us who are despondent.

Book Extract

Prayer at beginning of CTS booklet 33 Day Consecration To Jesus Through Mary. Compiled by John Pridmore and Niall Slattery. CTS Books. Reproduced with publisher's kind permission.

Healing and Protection Prayer

Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for all You have given me. Please cover me with the protective, precious blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. Increase Your Holy Spirit in me with His gifts of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, hunger for prayer, guidance and discernment to help me know Your will and surrender to it more completely.

Father, please heal my negative emotions and any wounds in my heart and spirit. Send the sword of Your Holy Spirit to sever and break all spells, curses, hexes, voodoo and all negative genetic, intergenerational and addictive material, past, present or to come, known or unknown, against me, my relationships and family finances, possessions and ministry.

Father, I forgive and I ask forgiveness for my sins and failings, and I ask that my whole person, body and mind, heart and will, soul and spirit, memory and emotions, attitudes and values lie cleansed, renewed and protected by the most precious blood of Your Son, Jesus.

In the name, power, blood and authority of Jesus Christ I bind and break the power and effect in or around me of any and all evil spirits who are trying to harm me in any way, and I command these spirits and their companion spirits in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to leave me peacefully and quietly and go immediately and directly to the Eucharistic presence of Jesus Christ in the closest Catholic Church tabernacle to be disposed of by Jesus and never again return to harm me.

Dear Holy Spirit, please fill up any void in me to overflowing with your great love. All this, Father, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ by the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Immaculate heart of Mary spouse of the Holy Spirit, please pray for and with me.


Above prayer, introduction and associated text Copyright © 2015 The Incorporated Catholic Truth Society.

Review Copyright ©;
Dr Pravin Thevathasan 2015

Version: 4th June 2015

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