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Praise for Our Lady of Kibeho

“This beautifully written book touches your soul. Anyone searching for peace will find the path to faith and forgiveness in Our Lady of Kibeho.”

—Amy Polasky, the founder of LLI Academy of Foreign Affairs

“If you believe that the genocide that happened in predominantly Catholic Rwanda was one of those isolated things that could never happen anywhere else think again. This incredible book will open your eyes to how, from pure love, heaven warns us of the consequences of forgetting about God and pleads with us continually to begin anew a life closer to the Lord through prayer, penance, conversion, and preparation for the return of Christ.”

—Oscar I. Delgado, film producer and the former Latin American Bureau Chief of NBC News

“Immaculée’s brilliant storytelling in Our Lady of Kibeho is certain to help move the world a little closer toward neighborly love, charity, and global peace. Rwanda’s miraculous metamorphosis from the bleak aftermath of the 1994 genocide to a prospering country that embraces peace and reconciliation is a testament to the power of love embodied in the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady of Kibeho is not only a delightful and inspiring read, it is also a recipe for spiritual contentment!”

—Eric Kacou, the Co-Global Managing Director of OTF Group (ontheFRONTIER), which creates prosperity through good business strategy in developing nations

“The appearances of the Virgin Mary in the little African village of Kibeho, Rwanda, is one of the most important apparitions in recent history and will take its place among other historical giants, like those of Guadalupe and Fátima. This book, however, is more than the story of an apparition. It’s a remarkable story of how Rwanda, a country divided by ethnic hatreds and shattered by one of the bloodiest genocides in human history, is being reunited and healed through a singular faith in the enduring love of the Virgin Mary.”

—Drew Mariani, the nationally syndicated talk-show host and award-winning writer, producer, and director

“Why did God send the Queen of Heaven and Earth, mother of Christ, and mother of all peoples to Kibeho, Rwanda? Why did the Blessed Virgin choose to come into the heart of rural Africa with messages for the entire world? Immaculée, like a flower that has sprung from the soil of Kibeho, has dedicated her life to addressing these questions and helping us to understand the messages the Blessed Mother delivered to three visionaries here, messages that echo the powerful truths of the gospel. The redeeming love of the Blessed Mother lives on in Kibeho and is here for the world to discover. Immaculée has captured that love in Our Lady of Kibeho. If you read this book, it will change your life.”

— Father Leszek Czelusniak, the director of the Marian Formation Center “CANA” in Kibeho, Rwanda

“This is a remarkable story of how Rwanda, a country divided by ethnic hatred and shattered by one of history’s bloodiest genocides, is reuniting and healing itself through a singular faith in the enduring love and forgiveness of the Virgin Mary. No matter what your race, religion, political affiliation, or personal belief system, you will be inspired by Our Lady of Kibeho—a true story of the power of faith and the great potential of forgiveness.”

—John Fund, columnist for The Wall Street Journal

“Our Lady of Kibeho is calling the children of God from across the world to become her beautiful flowers in her garden of love. Immaculée, thank you sharing Our Lady’s love with all of us in this beautiful book—you are truly an apostle of Our Lady of Kibeho! God bless you!”

—Emerita Mukayiranga, the founder of the Flowers of Mary in Kibeho Association

“Our Lady of Kibeho radiates with the enormous power of the Virgin Mary’s love; a love so powerful it can change hearts and change the world. I urge you and those you love to read this book and discover how Our Lady’s love can transform your life and bring you spiritual peace, happiness, and prosperity.”

—Steve McEveety, producer of The Passion of the Christ

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