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The Apparitions at L'Ile Bouchard, France

8-14 December 1947

At the liberation of France in 1945, a Communists takeover had been barely avoided. The Communists were still the most organized political force in the country and again they were on the verge of revolutionary success. Obedient to Moscow, they had committed sabotage, derailed trains, captured arsenals and were economically strangling the country with a general strike. Food shortages were more severe than during the war and blood was being shed. Events were out of control and the elected leaders were powerless to avert what seemed a hopeless situation.

The apparitions began on the feast of the Immaculate Conception; December 8, 1947. On that day three other events also occurred. One was the funeral of general Leclerc. Liberator of Paris in 1945 and devotee of the Virgin, Leclerc had been called back to France in the emergency but was killed in an airplane crash in Africa before his return. The state funeral drew together French patriots and kindled patriotic sentiment at this crucial moment.

In another part of France Father George Finet paid a visit to the famous holy woman; Marthe Robin.

"Marthe" he said, "France is finished; we're going to have a civil war."

"No, Father" she replied, "the Virgin Mary is going to save France by the prayers of little children."

(the above taken from the PDF document - full text available below.)

The first two articles are introductory - very useful for getting a birds eye view of the subject.

Article by Donal Foley

Article by William A. Thomas

The following article is a very interesting in-depth authoritative study produced in the parish where the apparitions took place. This is well worth reading.

Article by Paul RHOADS - PDF Document

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