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The Effect of Watching TV Soaps on a Person's Faith

I should be grateful for your advice on the following matter.

I notice that many practising Catholics these days watch indiscriminately TV 'soaps' and often end up identifying or empathising with some of the less-than-admirable characters portrayed therein.

They seem to have no inkling of the insidious manner in which unwholesome attitudes can subtly influence them by osmosis, gradually wearing away, or even nullifying, their Christian instincts and formation.

I am considering putting up something on my
Christendom Awake website but I should like first since there is little point in being critical without offering help and guidance to sharpen up my arguments and to be able to direct readers to helpful articles and materials. I should be most grateful if you could give me some sort of 'steer' in this matter (ways of expressing the key points, links to statements of the Church's Magisterium on them, links to useful articles and websites, etc.).

Mark Alder

Version: 21st September 2012

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