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Welcome to the Association of Large Families (www.fourormore.org) website, a project of Human Life International/HLI America.

Sadly this association has ceased but the information is left below in case it is of interest.

I would suggest you do a Google search for "Large Families" to find other websites on large families.

I hope you find the following article on large families of interest.

About The Association of Large Families of America


The Association of Large Families of America’s (ALFA) mission is to witness to the beauty of large families according to God’s perfect plan and to creatively challenge the prevailing cultural attitudes towards intentionally-limited family size.


God’s divine Plan for marriage and families may be summed up in the biblical injunction to “
be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). This was the first “commandment” that God gave to the human family, and we believe that it is still binding on married couples. We also believe that fertility is a gift over which God alone has supreme authority and which reflects in a certain way God’s abundant generosity towards His creation; in the act of procreation, married couples partner with God in that wondrous miracle of grace which blesses human society and families with children.

The purpose of ALFA, then, is to highlight and imaginatively re-present to the world the whole Plan of God for marriage, family, fertility and children. Our members do this not only through their witness portrayed in the beautiful family photos on our website but also through real life presentations about the family’s unique contributions to human society and a coherent rationale against the contraceptive mentality of our culture; we also propose to make a new case for generosity in childbearing as well as provide encouragement to those mothers and fathers who need support in their God-given desire to have more children (see “
testimonies” and “advice”).

Likewise, ALFA intends to provide resources for couples to support their vocation to be generous with their fertility (see “
resources”) and we wish to help young women in particular to value the maternal instinct which leads them to greater fulfillment in life as women and mothers (see “speaking opportunities” on the top bar). ALFA will also share the beauty and life-changing stories of what a difference it makes to have lots of brothers and sisters bringing life to Pope John Paul II prophetic advice to all parents that “the greatest gift you can give your child is more siblings” (see “testimonies.”)

Finally, marriage and family life is not lived fruitfully without humbly turning to God for help, so ALFA also provides prayer and spirituality resources for couples and families in order to help them fulfill the Lord’s wish that “t
hey have life and life in abundance.” (Jn 10:10)


The basic set of presuppositions and values underlying our mission is the traditional biblical teaching on marriage and family as interpreted by the Christian Church throughout the ages. In matters of dispute or interpretation, or where no Christian consensus exists, we turn to the refined teaching of the Roman Catholic Church to guide us in our values, viewpoint and presentation of the Truth in Christ.


Members will include:

  • Parents of families with four or more born children or parents with the intention of remaining open to accepting the children that God sends them.

  • Couples who, because of health or fertility difficulties are not able to have a large family—but who have the intention to do so if God should bless them.

  • Widows and widowers who have families of four or more.

  • Singles who desire to have large families if and when they are called to the married state.

  • Priests and religious who affirm large families in their ministry.

Excluded from membership:

  • Homosexual “couples” and unmarried parents.

  • Single mothers who adopt children.

  • Parents who have four or more children but who choose to sterilize themselves or use contraception to limit their families at any point after the birth of the fourth child.

  • Parents who have had one or more children through in vitro fertilization. (Note: we accept the humanity and dignity of any children born through in vitro, but parents who have used in vitro as a childbearing option are not in union with the spirit of this organization or of God's plan for family life.

Version: 31st October 2022


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