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Fr. John Hemer is a Mill Hill missionary priest. He hails from Liverpool and was ordained in 1983. He has done missionary work in Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda. From 1992-96 he studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome where he gained a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture. Since then he has taught Scripture full time at various seminaries, both in Uganda and here in England. At present he is a full time lecturer and member of the formation staff at Allen Hall seminary in Chelsea, London. He is well known also for his public lectures of which he has given hundreds, all over this country and beyond. He is also a well known retreat giver and has given retreats on three continents and many different countries. He was asked by the bishops conference of this country to be the censor deputatus for the Revised New Jerusalem Bible and in 2019 he duly issued the Nihil Obstat which allowed the publication of the book. He says the best thing his superiors ever did for him was to send him to study Scripture.

Allen Hall Public Lectures  May  2021

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Some Reflections on the Song of Songs (2)

St. Joseph (3)

Series of post Easter talks 2003

Violence & The Bible
The New Testament
The Eschatological Discourse
The Cross - The Non-Apocalyptic Overcoming of Evil

Post Easter talk 2006

Deus Caritas Est. 

Series of Autumn Talks 2007

The Parables

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