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Review of Faith and Certitude by Fr Gilsdorf

Fr. Richard W. Gilsdorf

The Signs of the Times
Understanding the Church Since Vatican II

A new book edited by Patrick F Beno containing the writings of the late Fr. Richard W Gilsdorf.

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Seminaries emptied, priests and nuns left their vocations, people dissented from basic teachings, and children received poor catechesis. It didn't used to be this way. What happened?

An unsung hero during his time, the late Fr. Richard Gilsdorf helps answer such questions by giving a precise and thorough explanation of developments in the Church since Vatican II. Indeed, no one can fully hope to understand the state of Catholicism today without this important work.

During the six years I served as bishop of Green Bay, I came to know Fr. Richard Gilsdorf as a holy priest, a Scripture scholar, teacher, and pastor, as well as a friend and confident whose opinion and insights I valued. He was faithful and loyal to the teachings of the Church and had a zeal for communicating the faith to others. This collection of his writings will both inspire and challenge any reader. He stretched my thinking and enlarged my heart; I trust he will do the same for you.

Cardinal Archbishop of Detroit

Fr. Gilsdorf was a priest's priest, and was one of the first to grasp the crisis that gripped the Church after the Council. In one instance, he wrote an article for my magazine called "The Plight of the Papist Priest" (included in this book). Its impact was so great, it was translated into five languages, and people requested it for 20 years. Reader of this volume will find this sort of unique perspective.

, Homiletic & Pastoral Review magazine

When scholars write the history of the post-conciliar Church in America, this remarkable priest will finally receive the honor due him for his fearless defense of the faith.

Publisher emeritus, Lay Witness magazine

This book is a treasure. It preserves the crucial work of an exemplary pastor who courageously and with charity defended the Faith against those who distorted and hijacked Vatican II. I predict
Signs of the Times will have a great impact in the coming years.

Author, 50 Questions on the Natural Law (Ignatius Press)

Review by Jeffrey Miller

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Fr. Richard Gissdorf served as a priest for the Diocese of Green Bay from 1956-2005. He held post-graduate degrees in theology and languages from Columbia University and the Sorbonne, and earned his PhD in scripture studies from St. Louis University. He also taught seminary courses at Our Lady of Peace Pontifical Catechetical Institute in Beaverton, OR. His articles appeared in numerous publications, and he served as the founder and first president of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

Version: 6th October 2008

Review of Faith and Certitude by Fr Gilsdorf

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