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Introduction: “To Sing with the Universe”

1. The Tradition of the Four Ways

            The Great Tradition

            Adapting the Medieval Model

            Beauty for Truth’s Sake

            Beauty on the Cross

2. Educating the Poetic Imagination

            “A Beauty which Defies Time”

Rediscovering Poetic Knowledge

            The Symbolic Cosmos

            A Key to Ancient Mysteries

3. The Lost Wisdom of the World

            Sacred Number

            Beyond Pythagoras

            Irrational Beauty

            Phi and the Natural Numbers


4. The Golden Circle

            A Journey into God

            Theology of the Trinity

            In Search of the Logos

            Geometry as Prophecy

            The Golden Circle

5. “Quiring to the Young-Eyed Cherubims”

            Good Vibrations

            Humane Architecture

            At Home in the Cosmos

            Secrets of the Sky

            The End of the Road

6. The Liturgical Consummation of Cosmology

            The Construction of Modernity

            A Sense of the Sacred

            Liturgy as Remembering to Give

            An Education in Beauty

            The Holy City

Conclusion: Beyond Faith and Reason



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Version: 12th November 2011


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