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New national conference for young Catholics

Top Catholic speakers to encourage young adults to evangelise

[London, 13 June 2008] Young Catholic adults today face many challenges in life that their parents and grandparents never faced. Militant atheism and secularism of the type popularised by Richard Dawkins and others are increasing in popularity and the beliefs of Christians are rarely understood and often mocked. At the same time, young adults may be so immersed in the virtual worlds of Facebook, Bebo and online gaming, in their job or their studies, or in music and socialising, that they shut out all of the bigger questions about life.

This August, Catholics in the 18 to 35 age group will be assembling at Fawley Court in Henley between the 8th and 10th of August to turn their minds to the burning question of how we can reach out to and explain our faith to people in the modern world: how do we bring the message of the Gospel to a sceptical and frenetically paced world? How can we use the power of the internet and other technologies to evangelise?

The organisers of the event, two young priests Fr Andrew Pinsent and Fr Marcus Holden, have called together an eminent team of experts to address the conference.

Fr Thomas Crean OP:  author of A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins

Roy Schoeman:  Jewish convert, author of Salvation is from the Jews

Fr Jerome Bertram CO:  historian, spiritual writer, author of The People of the Gospel and other works

Fr Reto Nay:  Scripture Scholar, founder of gloria.tv (online Catholic video sharing website)

Fr John Saward:  Oxford University theologian, writer, author The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty

Joanna Bogle:  broadcaster, writer, blogger, author of Feasts and Seasons

Walter Hooper:  C.S. Lewis’s former secretary and biographer, editor of numerous editions of his works

Raphaela Schmid:  Philosopher, Senior Fellow of Becket Institute, TV Presenter 

Delegates will also have many opportunities for socialising, networking, and participating in activities. Daily Mass, eucharistic adoration and confession will also be available.

There are still places available for those wishing to take part in this excellent opportunity for strengthening faith and understanding: visit www.evangelium.co.uk for more details, or call 44 (0)7526 908741. The conference will be held at Fawley Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon., (home of the national shrine to the Divine Mercy) from 8th to 10th August 2008. Accommodation is available: price for full board is just £85, thanks to sponsorship by the Catholic Truth Society.

Members of the press who wish to report on the conference are welcome to attend: please contact Fr Marcus Holden [revmarcusholden@yahoo.co.uk] to arrange for your press pass. The organisers are also available for interview.

This conference is being run in association with the Catholic Truth Society.

The Catholic Truth Society has been supporting evangelisation in Britain and beyond for 140 years. CTS produces a wide range of publications to help people to know, appreciate and practise the Catholic faith.  We are most famous for our pocket-sized booklets, widely distributed through racks at the back of churches.

CTS is the publisher of the Evangelium resources for catechesis authored by Frs. Holden and Pinsent. For further details, visit our website at www.cts-online.org.uk.

Version: 14th June 2008

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