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"I Want To Go To Heaven The Moment I Die"

by Fr. Thady Doyle,

"I Want To Go To Heaven The Moment I Die" by Fr. Thady Doyle, with its analyses of both near death and real life experiences has the capacity to profoundly impact on how one understands the nature of God, the nature of eternal life, how judgement takes place and what it consists of, the teaching of Jesus, the nature of the human person as an embodied spirit, and how to become open to spiritual and emotional healing.

The book first analyses several near death experiences.

Don Piper, a Baptist, who was declared dead by two doctors, gives a most moving account of his 90 minutes at the gates of Heaven.

George Rodonaia was a 'good' atheist. After being assassinated by the KGB, his body was in the mortuary for three days. He only came alive when the autopsy began. Following his experience, not merely did he become a believer, but he became a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Dr. Howard Storm, born into a Christian family, became a 'bitter' atheist with a chip on his shoulder against Christians. During a near death experience, he found himself being dragged to the gates of hell by evil spirits. After his recovery, not merely did he become a Christian, but also a Methodist minister, going as a missionary to South America. But while he is a Methodist minister, he very much believes in the Catholic understanding of Purgatory as he believes that he was there.

Stanley Villavicencio was a dedicated Catholic but was still sinning in certain serious ways. He was declared brain dead and the life support machine was due to be switched off when he just sat up. He describes in clear detail how Jesus led him into a full life review. The medical facts of his 'brain death' were later confirmed by a church commission in his native Philippines.

Fr. Steven Scheier was a popular outgoing Catholic priest, but he had no prayer life and was not keeping the commandments. Following a car crash, during which he suffered severe head injuries, he had a near death experience during which he saw the full truth about his life, and was told that on the basis of his life, he deserved hell but was being given a second chance.

Barbara from Rhode Island, was an ordinary housewife with little faith. During her near death experience, she too experienced a life review, and saw how she was hurting her husband and family in the way that she spoke to them.

Marino Restrepo was addicted to sex, drugs and drink for 33 years. While being held hostage for six months under the most extreme conditions by the FARC guerillas, he had an out of body experience that was identical to a near death experience. He found himself at the gates of hell. Then, as he repented of his selfish lifestyle, he was embraced in God's love and shown the full truth about the hurt that he had caused in life. One could almost say that his spirit had an out of body exorcism, being delivered of all his compulsions. Coming back into his body, he was able to leave behind his addictions to drugs, drink and sex and live the totally dedicated life. Recently he visited Ireland and Great Britain sharing his experience.

Gloria Polo a Catholic, was in complete rebellion against Church teaching on sexuality, and had encouraged her nieces and nephews to be sexually active, and then paid for the resultant abortions. After being struck by lightning and suffering massive injuries, she had two near death experiences in quick succession. During the first she briefly experienced herself being embraced by the Light, but during the second, she was shown how she had broken all ten commandments, and found herself at the gates of hell. Then, being embraced in God's love, she came back into her body, and is living a totally transformed life.

Angie Fenimore, a young Mormon mother, suffered severe abuse as a child and lived with despair all her life. Eventually she came to believe that the best thing she could do for her husband and children was to take her own life. She had heard of people being embraced by "the light" and expected the same. At first she was, and was shown her entire life in review, but then she found herself in the very depths of Purgatory and was challenged by God for taking her own life. As she repented, she was embraced in the love of Jesus, and enabled to come back into her body leaving her suicidal desires fully behind.

Angie Fenimore is a Mormon yet her experience of Purgatory contains remarkable similarities to the visions of an Irish visionary who goes by the name 'Anne' to protect her anonymity. Anne's visions have been published with the approval of her bishop, and have been submitted to Rome. They are in fact consistent with what many people have experienced during near death experiences, and they too are covered in the book.

Barbara Harris Whitfield is a non Christian. She was the victim of severe verbal and emotional abuse by her emotionally sick mother. This led to her living all her life as a victim. Then during her near death experience, she was embraced and permeated by Love. Coming back into her body, she was able to leave her past behind, and to live a love inspired life. A non-Christian, her interpretation of what she experienced is not consistent with the teaching of the Bible, but her actual experience is totally open to a Christian interpretation.

David Oakfield, another non-Christian, who overdosed on drugs had a near death experience that is not consistent with Christianity, but is in ways similar to the 'temptations' of Jesus.

The temptations of Jesus can also now be seen in a new light as out of body experiences occurring after his forty days of severe fasting in the desert.

Taken together these near death experiences give us fascinating insights into the following,

1. That God is love. God absolutely is love, and desires to permeate us with His love. Not merely is God love, but love is the very life force of Heaven, and one cannot enter Heaven until one is transformed by love and even transformed into love.

2. How judgement works. After death, we will undergo a life review during which we will be faced with the full truth about our lives. The full truth about our lives includes the hurt we have caused directly or indirectly. One sees exactly how other people felt as a result of one's actions, how this impacted on their lives, and how this led them to impact on the lives of others. One also sees what God's original plan for one's life was, and the opportunities that one missed, as well as all that one has accomplised in terms of bringing love into the world.

3. The nature of Purgatory:- a process, for some deeply painful, by which we face the truth about our lives, are exorcised of our selfishness, seek to make reparation for the hurt we have caused, and are made ready for becoming love just as God is love.

4. The teaching of Jesus. Our eyes are opened to elements of his teaching that we have either glossed over or completely missed. These include the complete centrality of His teaching on love and His assertion that God causes his sun to shine on good and bad alike and so must we. This, in turn, demands that we realise and indeed proclaim that the Old Testament understanding of God as one who will promptly zapp the bad is deeply flawed.

But our eyes are also opened to many other teachings of Jesus, like what He meant when spoke of the Father being in Him, and of Him being in us. The level of unity and interconnectedness on the other side is such that the non-Christian, Barbara Harris Whitfield, following her hear death experience mistakingly thinks that we all blend into one consciousness.

5. The nature of the human person. Our eyes are opened to the full significance of the fact that we are indeed an eternal spirit now embodied; that the most essential element of who we are is our eternal spirit.

6. The nature of healing.
Our eyes are opened to how if one's eternal spirit is healed, then one's life can be transformed - even if one previously had compulsions or addictions, or suffered as a victim.

The aforementioned people had their lives transformed during near death experiences. But how do we become open to this without having a near death experience? In the middle section of the book, I have some remarkable stories of people whose lives were transformed without the need for a near death experience.

Lee Ezell was born into an abusive dysfunctional home, her father an abusive alcoholic, her mother also an alcoholic. Just when Lee was getting away from all this and getting started in life, she was raped when just gone 17, and then found herself pregnant as a result of the rape. Being put out by her mother for being pregnant, and finding herself homeless and penniless, she decided to trust God. There followed a remarkable series of events, which led to her emerging as an outstanding Christian leader.

Fr. Joe Bill was a very 'busy' priest. Then, when aged 47, he had a major heart attack, and was told that he was to never again preach or climb a stairs. Instead he was healed at a Charismatic Conference during which he also experienced Jesus and His love in a new way. Developing a process of healing which he called 'total person therapy', he toured the world nonstop giving healing retreats until his death at the age of 80.

Fr. Tomislav Ivancic was given two months to live with cancer 39 years ago. Being healed during an experience of God's love, he has developed a process of therapy known as 'Hagiotherapy', based on the belief that there is a deeper element to the human person than psychiatry can reach. Hagiotherapy is proving extremely successful, and there are now schools for the training of hagiotherapists in several countries in central Europe. His understanding of the human person and the healing of the inner self is totally compatible with the understanding of the human person developed in this book from the analysis of those who have had near death experiences.

The book then contains a major chapter on how the ordinary person can take effective steps to become open to healing and transformation oneself without the need for attending a trained hagiotherapist; how one can in effect let Jesus be one's hagiotherapist.

The last quarter of the book gives practical steps towards ensuring that one will be able to go to Heaven the very moment that one dies; effectively how the ordinary person can live a life of deep union with Jesus.

The fact that I have published so much of the book in the Curate's Diary may take from its value for regular Diary readers. But it could be a most outstanding gift to give to friends who don't read the Diary - a gift that has the potential to transform their lives.

First there are all these testimonies to enthral them. Without even realising it, they will find themselves coming to a new understanding of God, of eternal life and judgement, of the teaching of Jesus, and their own nature as an eternal spirit now living in a mortal body.

This is all exciting reading. If one is into reading at all, one will find oneself gripped by it. Then there are the simple steps towards putting one's life right with God; followed by steps towards ongoing healing of one's spirit and one's spiritual soul.

Then one is given the opportunity to go deeper in one's relationship with Jesus. One is indeed given a vision of how the ordinary person can so live that he or she will be able to go straight to Heaven the moment he or she dies.

If this book comes under God's anointing, and I ask your prayer support to that end, it has the capacity to lead to,
1. The conversion of many many unbelievers.
2. Conversion from sin and selfishness of many believers.
3. Dramatic spiritual progress for those who are already walking with Jesus.

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