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ISBN: 9780898707328
Published by Ignatius Press, 1999
Length: 400 pages
Edition: Paperback
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In this memorable book, seventeen women of the Baby Boom generation tell their poignant personal stories of apostasy and repentance. Each left the Catholic Church to seek autonomy and fulfillment on the major cultural battlegrounds of this era. Each eventually turned homeward to find, like her prodigal brother in the best-loved of Christ's parables, that her Heavenly Father had been calling her throughout her absence, watching and yearning for her return.

Feminists in the bureaucratic networks of Catholic dissent continually predict that women will abandon the Church en masse unless they are soon admitted to the hierarchy. The women who recount their experiences in this timely and important book prove the dissenters wrong. They are representative of a growing stream of "reverts" who have recognized and repented of their errors when they rediscovered the living heart of Christ at the center of the Church.

Today, when virtually all faithful Catholics wait and pray for the return of some family member or friend who has strayed from the Church, these accounts of faith reborn offer hope and direction to lift the heart of every reader.



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Amazon You can view Front Cover, Contents, Back Cover and Excerpt


"A terrific group of stories. A must not only for younger people who have lost faith in their childhood Catholic Faith, but also for older Catholics to understand the reasoning both behind the defection of the young and also their intense yearning to find their way back. Thank you Donna Steichen for this gem."

Ronda Chervin, Ph.D.

"This book radiates the joy of the resurrection and is a clarion call addressed to those who are still struggling in the dark tunnel of faithlessness. It should be warmly welcomed."

Alice von Hildebrand
By Love Refined

"In Ungodly Rage, Donna Steichen vividly recounted the faithlessness of many of God's daughters and revealed their profligate wasting of our spiritual inheritance. In Prodigal Daughters she movingly discloses, through the stories of those who have had the courage to return home, God's faithfulness to His daughters and His gifts of grace which moved them back into the Church they had forsaken."

Laura Berquist
The Harp amd Laurel Wreath

Donna Steichen, author of the best-selling book
Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism, is a Catholic journalist and former teacher.

Amazon You can view Front Cover, Contents, Back Cover and Excerpt

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Why seventeen lapsed Catholic women returned to the Church through society's maze of error

The Prodigal Daughter By Mercedes W. Gutierrez

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