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A Church They Didn't Expect
(June 2006)

Men, Women, and the Prodigal Father
(Voices, Winter 2000 Vol. XV: No 1)

The Quixote Complex

Building Goddess Paganism
(The Latin Mass, Fall 2003)

A Religion the New York Times Can Love
(The Catholic World Report, July 2005)

Pope Joan?
Donna Steichen (Voices, Michaelmas 2001)

Goddess Project, The
(Catholic Exchange, 7/28/2003)

Promising Sources for Sound Catechetics
(The Catholic World Report, May 1998)

Documents from www.ewtn.com

Morphing Catholicism into Eco-feminism

Catholic Feminists Unsure About Ordination Goal

* * *

Feminism's broad agenda within the Catholic Church

Feminism and the Catholic Faith (PDF)

Sacred Authority or Sacrilegious Anarchy

Standing in Seneca Falls: Looking Back at Feminism

Book Reviews

The Wiccan Myth

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Donna Steichen on the New Age in the Catholic Church

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