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A Church They Didn't Expect
(June 2006)

Men, Women, and the Prodigal Father
(Voices, Winter 2000 Vol. XV: No 1)

The Quixote Complex

New Ways Ministry

Coming Soon to Your Parish
(July 2004)

Building Goddess Paganism
(The Latin Mass, Fall 2003)

A Religion the New York Times Can Love
(The Catholic World Report, July 2005)

Religious Education Congress Veteran Observer Detects Change
(June 2006)

Pope Joan?
Donna Steichen (Voices, Michaelmas 2001)

Goddess Project, The
(Catholic Exchange, 7/28/2003)

Can Reform Come?
(The Catholic World Report, May 1998)

Promising Sources for Sound Catechetics
(The Catholic World Report, May 1998)

Documents from www.ewtn.com

Morphing Catholicism into Eco-feminism

Catholic Feminists Unsure About Ordination Goal

* * *

Feminism's broad agenda within the Catholic Church

Feminism and the Catholic Faith (PDF)

Sacred Authority or Sacrilegious Anarchy

Standing in Seneca Falls: Looking Back at Feminism

Book Reviews

The Wiccan Myth

An Age of Unreason

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