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Message of Fatima


In the life of the Church and
teaching of the Popes

Timothy Tindal-Robertson

The marvellous supernatural happenings at Fatima in 1917 are by now well known.This well-researched booklet seeks to throw new light on Fatima by recounting the story, no less dramatic but not nearly so well known, of how the Fatima message has developed in the course of this century through the approval and teaching of the Popes.

This has culminated in the pontificate of John Paul II, whose special association with Fatima began with the assassination attempt outside St. Peter's, Rome, on 13 May 1981.

Most important of all, John Paul II is the first Pope to have issued profound teaching, in which he explains why the Fatima Message of peace through prayer and penance is more than ever relevant and fruitful for the Church's mission of evangelization today.

Introduction to "Message of Fatima"

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