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The Anglican Communion 

Aquinas and Thomism 

Atheism & its Discontents  

At the Movies 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Biotechnology, Bioethics, & Posthumanism 

Catholic Education Trends 

G. k Chesterton 

Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker's Movement 

Economics & Catholic Social Teaching 

Ecumenism and Ecumania 

The Episcopacy in the Catholic Church 

Evolution, Science & Intelligent Design

Exorcism, Possession & the Problem of Evil 

Fanatical Feminism & Women Religious 

Pope Francis 


Higher Education


Homosexuality and Gay Pride 

Iraq, the Just War & American



Jesus Seminar & the "Historical Jesus" 

The Destruction of Language  

The Traditional Latin Mass & Renaissance 

The Lavender Mafia Files 

Fr. Maciel & the Legion of Christ 

C. S. Lewis 

Literature & Literary Criticism 

Liturgy, Liturgical Rites & Devotions 

The American College of Louvain/University of Louvain 

Marriage, Divorce, Annulments & the Assaults on Marriage 

God As Mother - Goddess Worship 

Neocons & Neoconservativism 

Father Richard John Neuhaus 

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman 

New Age, Paganism & Gnosticism 

The News You May Have Missed 

Political Correctness 

Pop Culture & the Entertainment Industry 

Pope Pius XII 

Priest Sex Abuse Scandal 

Pro Life Issues & Culture of Death 

Public School Education - Problems & Pitfalls 

Sacred Music 

Same-Sex Marriage 

Universal Salvation 

William Shakespeare 

Transgenderism, Effeminacy & Conflation of the Sexes 

Vital Works Reconsidered 

Hans Urs von Balthasar & Adrienne von Speyr 

The Ordination of Women & the All-Male Priesthood

Version: 26th October 2016

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