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Ignorance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

There is no doubt that some people throughout the Catholic world are thorougly familiar with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and use it in many different and useful ways. It is also very clear that there are a number of people who both hostile to the Catechism and work to undermine its dissemination.

There are however in my opinion, many Catholics of good will, who (for various reasons) are not familiar with the
Catechism, how it came to be produced and its great importance to the Church.

We have below a new apostolate, which anyone can participate in with minimal cost. It can make a useful contribution to combat the ignorance of the Catechism.

Please tell your friends about this.

Please will you print out and widely promote the following essay-:

How the New Catechism Came About
Monsignor Michael J. Wrenn and Kenneth D. Whitehead

Short introduction to above essay

To assist you in the promotion of the above essay, I would suggest you print out the leaflet (flier) given below. Many copies can be made which can be widely distributed.

Promotional Leaflet (flier)

The above essay is taken from the corrected 2nd chapter of the book, Flawed
by Monsignor Michael J. Wrenn and Kenneth D. Whitehead.
The online version of the book can be viewed using this

Thank you for your support!

Version: 14th May 2009

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