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Msgr Arthur Calkins

Curriculum Vitae

Rev. Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins

                                                         910 Cross Gates Blvd.

Slidell, Louisiana 70461-8414

Phone: 504-655-7226



1.   Data

     Name:  Arthur Burton Calkins

     Birthdate:   18 April 1945

     Birthplace:  Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

     Parents:     Kenneth Elton Calkins (dec.)

                  Frances Catherine Crawford (dec.)

2.   Education

            a.  Saint Joseph Elementary School

                Erie, Pennsylvania – 1951-1959

            b.  Saint Mark Seminary High School

                 Erie, Pennsylvania – 1959-1963

            c.  Gannon University

                        Erie, Pennsylvania – 1963-1964

            d.  Saint Mary’s Seminary and University

                Baltimore, Maryland – 1964-1966

                Degree:  B.A. in Scholastic Philosophy – 1966

            e.  The Catholic University of America

                Washington, D.C. – 1966-1970

                 Degrees:  S.T.B. – 1969

                        M.A.S.T. – 1971

            f.  The University of Oxford

                Oxford, England

                Member of Saint Benet’s Hall – 1972-1974

            g.  International Marian Research Institute

                (incorporated into the Pontifical Faculty of the Marianum, Rome, Italy)

                The Marian Library

                The University of Dayton

                Dayton, Ohio

                Degree:  S.T.L. magna cum laude – 1986

            h.  Seraphicum

                Pontificia Facultas Theologica S. Bonaventuræ

                Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Conventualium in Urbe

                Degree:  S.T.D. summa cum laude – 1990

                 Thesis:  John Paul II’s Program of Marian Consecration and Entrustment:

                 Christological Perspective

3.  Holy Orders

            a.   Ordained subdeacon 27 March l969, Washington, D.C.

            b.   Ordained deacon  28 March 1969, Washington, D.C.

            c.   Ordained priest 7 May 1970, Erie, Pennsylvania

4.  Papal Honors

            a. named Chaplain of His Holiness 6 May 1997

            b. named Prelate of Honor of His Holiness 7 May 2010

5.   Membership in Pontifical Academies

            a.   named a corresponding member of the Pontifical

                        International Marian Academy, Rome, Italy, 28 March 1985

            b.   named a corresponding member of the Pontifical

                        Roman Theological Academy, Rome, Italy, 22 November 1995         


6.  Assignments

            a.   as deacon:

                        i.    Saint Francis de Sales Cathedral, Houma, LA

                                    13 June – 15 August 1969

                        ii.   Saint Matthew Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

                                     weekends and part-time during 1969-1970 academic year

            b.   as priest:

                        i.  associate pastor at Saint Edward the Confessor  Church, Metairie, Louisiana

                                    June 1970 – September 1972

                        ii.         studies in Oxford, England

                                    September 1972 –  June 1974

                        iii. associate pastor at Saint Agnes Church

                                    Jefferson, Louisiana

                                    September 1974 – November 1978

                        iv.  professor of Historical Theology at Notre Dame

                                    Seminary, New Orleans, Louisiana

                                    1976-1977 academic year

                        v.   in residence at Saint Angela Merici Church

                                    Metairie, Louisiana

                                    January – June 1979

                        vi.  associate pastor at Immaculate Conception Church

                                    Marrero, Louisiana

                                    June 1979 – September 1983

                        vii. in residence at Saint Christopher Church

                         Vandalia, Ohio (while studying at International Marian Research Institute)

                                    30 September 1983 – 31 October 1984

                        viii. chaplain at Shrine of Immaculate Heart of Mary

                                    Washington, New Jersey

                                    1 November 1984 – 22 March 1988

                        ix.  associate pastor at Saint John the Evangelist

                                    Church, New York City

                                    22 March – 21 September 1988

                        x.   taught courses in fundamental theology, Scripture and patrology in formation      program of Sorelle Minori di Maria Immacolata, Rome and Albano,              ITALY

                                    1 October 1988 – 24 May 1989

                        xi.  official of the Pontifical Commission

                                    “Ecclesia Dei”, Vatican City, 4 April 1989 – 

                                    assumed into the service of the Apostolic See,

                                    1 November 1991 – 30 September 2010

                        xii. professor of Theology of the Spiritual Life and

                                    English in formation program for pre-seminarians under the supervision of the Ancelle della Visitazione, Santa Marinella, ITALY

                                    3 November 1990 – June 1991

                        xiii. professor of Ecclesiology, Pontificio Collegio Beda

                                    Spring semester 1992

                        xiv. professor of Sacramental Theology, The Thomas More College of Liberal                                 Arts – Rome campus

                                    Spring semester 1995

                        xv. professor of Mariology, Institute of the Incarnate Word, Segni

                                    Autumn semester 2006

                        xvi. chaplain at St. Agnes Home, Kirkwood, MO

                                    14 October 2010 – 14 March 2012

                        xvii. chaplain at Christopher Inn, New Orleans, LA

with residence at the rectory of the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis

 King of France, New Orleans, LA

                 28 March 2012 – 2 July 2014

    Residence changed to St. Luke the Evangelist rectory, Slidell, LA

                      2 July 2014 –    

xviii.   professor of Mariology for permanent deacon candidates, Harvey, LA

                   22 August – 14 November 2013

7. Memberships in Scholarly Societies

            a.   Mariological Society of America

            b.   Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary

            c.   Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

8. Publications


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