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The Complete Chronicles of Narnia: The Classic BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramatisations [Audiobook]

Mark Alder writes-:

My wife and I have just finished listening to the Chronicles of Narnia audible book. We both found this immensely enjoyable and heartily recommend this for your children (and adults as well!).

I suppose the age group for this audible book depends on your particular child. Some children as young as 6 could get something out of this. Older children obviously will get more out of the audible book.

There is I believe a ‘cumulative effect’ operating here. As a child listens to each book he or she will get more endeared with the characters - particularly Aslan!

I feel that many children who have listened to the whole audible book will be deeply touched and this could affect the spiritual direction of their future lives.

Although I don’t want to elaborate on this here, I must state that there are other children’s books which do not have such a positive effect on children. For this reason, I feel it is necessary to disseminate this particular audible book as much as possible.

This critically acclaimed BBC Radio 4 dramatisation was produced between 1988 and 1997, starring Maurice Denham as Professor Kirke with a cast including Bernard Cribbins, Maurice Denham, Richard Griffiths, Martin Jarvis, Sylvester McCoy, John Sessions, Fiona Shaw and Timothy Spall.

Collectively titled Tales of Narnia it covers the entire series and is approximately 15 hours long. The series was originally released in Great Britain on both audio cassette and CD by BBC Audiobooks. It was released as an audible book in 16th October 2014

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