The Shape





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to its Sources,

Principles, and


by Aidan Nichols OP.

An exemplary summary of the state of Catholic theology and what appears to be its future.

This historical treatment of Catholic theology looks not to the content of that theology but rather to the form in which that content is contained and how it is expressed. Faithful to Catholic teaching yet critical, discerning yet impartial, Nichols offers this introduction to dogmatic theology, with the firm belief "
that dogmatics are the center of theology, and that any theological discipline which cuts itself off from these heartlands does so at its own peril. For it is in dogmatics that theology is in touch with the heart of revelation, and only by virtue of the quality of its contact with that revelation is thinking Christian at all."

Though comprehensive and far-reaching, this work is not beyond the understanding of people just commencing a study of theology. It makes an excellent text for study groups.

"This is a sound introduction to the doing of Catholic theology designed for use by the theological student but entirely accessible to the general educated reader. " - ADRIS

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