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Father Aidan Nichols, O.P., a Dominican priest, is currently the John Paul II Memorial Visiting Lecturer, University of Oxford; has served as the Robert Randall Distinguished Professor in Christian Culture, Providence College; and is a Fellow of Greyfriars, Oxford. He has also served as the Prior of the Dominicans at St. Michael's Priory, Cambridge. Father Nichols is the author of numerous books including Looking at the Liturgy, Holy Eucharist, Hopkins: Theologian's Poet, and The Thought of Benedict XVI. His study of the Old Testament, Lovely Like Jerusalem: The Fulfillment of the Old Testament in Christ and the Church, was recently published by Ignatius Press. Read an excerpt. Also, read an interview with Father Nichols about the book, the Old Testament, and related topics.

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Lovely Like Jerusalem: The Fulfillment of the Old Testament in Christ and the Church

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